Building Location

  • The our Datacenter 1 is located in Denver Colorado, very near to the I-225 & Parker Road, it is also close I-25

Colocation Space Specifications

  • Environmentally controlled antistatic raised floor colocation space.
  • Third, half, and full sized front and rear locking colocation cabinets available.
  • Custom cages and solid wall configuration colocation suites available.
  • Standard – 19 in, 23 in racks and 4 post custom cabinet configurations for custom colocation setups.

Datacenter Connectivity

  • State-of-the-art Juniper M series routers and Cisco Catalyst switching equipment provide Internet access to colocation cabinets.
  • 5000Mbps of aggregate Internet connectivity. Connects 5 Tier 1 Service providers.
  • Facility BGP4 route optimization utilized to seek out the fastest Internet path.
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) is manned 24x7x365.
  • Redundant NOCs.

Colocation Security

  • Secure 24×7 card key access and biometric scanners to all colocation areas.
  • Motion Detection Video surveillance for building and colocation areas.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 colocation facilities monitoring by automated systems and on-site staff.

Power Specifications

  • Four 500 KVA UPS Systems
  • Two Megawatt Diesel Generators, with 6000 gallons of fuel.
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to seamlessly switch between the public power and diesel generators.
  • Quad Battery strings

Cooling Specifications

  • 300 tons of HVAC capactiy, keeps the datacenter at a constant humidity and cooling level.
  • Anti-static raised floor.

Fire & Leak Detection/Suppression Specifications

  • FM200 Fire Suppression
  • Dry-pipe, pre-action double interlock fire suppression system with zone specific discharge.
  • Early warning VESDA fire detection systems
  • Certified data center smoke detection systems
  • clean agent fire extinguishers placed throughout the facility.
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